Congratulations to the Ensign Symphony and Chorus in Seattle for another spectacular performance.2017-05-08_JKA_7665

For this Mother’s Day performance, they created a children’s choir. The children were ages 8-18 and were quite impressive.


The conductors were pleased too-2017-05-08_JKA_7473





Two of my sons attended Prom this year. I am thrilled they have a large group of friends to go with. Kudos to the young men (and some moms) who planned this large group date!



For some of them, it was even their very first date.

Others have know each other for a long time.


I hope it was a memorable night for all of them.

Help Me Decide!

It’s time to start my photography blog. What better way than to show off some of last year’s portraits. But, I need your help… I’d like to print one of these as a studio sample and I need your help deciding which one!

Let’s turn it into a contest- Vote for your favorite gallery by leaving its number in the comments. The gallery with the most votes will be the one I use as a studio sample. Even better, the family in the winning gallery will win a $50 gift card to Olive Garden. It’s a win-win! I get help deciding and the winner gets an evening out.

Contest ends Saturday, February 11th so vote now!











Remember, I’ll announce the winner Saturday February 11th, so vote now and invite your friends to vote too!

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